Reina's large pieces on handmade paper such as "Wild Thing" from her  Motion Series (above), or Taurus (below) are commanding images suitable for contemporary commercial or residential focal points.  Her smaller monoprints are lovely in multiples or as lively accents of color in more intimate settings.

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REINA has achieved world-wide recognition for her printmaking. Her prolific variety of compositions range from familiar, delicate monoprint still lifes of familiar objects, flowers and lace, to wild and wonderful "abstract" designs, many on handmade paper. A resident of Long Island, NY, her work has reached the far corners of the world, through exhibits at major events such as Art Expo in New York, and at galleries throughout the United States, the Caribbean and the Far East. Her floral paintings have been reproduced in open edition prints that have been widely distributed throughout the United states, Canada, and Great Britain.

Color genius is evident in every series  by Reina. Her work often incorporates the full color spectrum while harmonizing beautifully with interior design color palettes.  The result is artwork that is classic. It transcends design trends, and transforms, like a chameleon, as its surroundings change.    Widely held in corporate and residential collections worldwide, Reina's originals are available here in addition to a select few serigraph editions. Surprisingly affordable, these pieces add refinement and fun to contemporary or eclectic spaces.

A long time commercial artist, Reina began printmaking in 1976, beginning with etchings. She soon felt confined with this medium, however, and discovered greater flexibility, spontaneity, and more vivid color in monoprints and monotypes. These unique works of art are first created on an acrylic plate. She applies paint or ink to the plate, and manipulates it with various tools or found objects to create design. The image is transferred to paper via a printing press, under tremendous pressure. Finally, she may embellish each piece, with metallic leaf, or hand painted elements. The result is lively artwork that welcomes us at home, at work, or in public places.

NOTE from Emmie: "When Reina passed away in October, 2011, we lost a great artist and a very dear friend.  Reina delighted in creating art to enhance life and to bring pleasure to the viewer. She awakened the love of art in many, and she kept her work affordable so that thousands upon thousands of people could afford to bring it into their homes and businesses.  It is my honor and privilege to continue to offer this work."  

In addition to Reina's unique original monoprints and monotypes, we also carry  limited quantities of her serigraph editions, such as  Color of Joy, shown here.

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