Louise August


The image to the left is entitled the Emperor's New Clothes.
Louise August's block prints are either 9" x 12" or 9" x 13", and they fit nicely into a standard 16" x 20" frame.


The piece to the left is the Arrival of Elijah,  one of many beloved pieces that reference Jewish traditions.

Quantities are very limited.  Please visit our Online Gallery to shop for available works by Louise August.

Louise August’s paintings and handmade prints have gained a nationwide following since the 1960s. She has accomplished massive murals and other major architectural art commissioned for landmark locations in New York City (Grand Central Station, The Essex, Shraft’s, Harry’s Restaurant) and around the country. She is a well-known illustrator, educator, and an active participant in the New York City arts community.

Louise August finds inspiration in the everyday world. Repetitive patterns and simple forms reminiscent of folk art evoke a nostalgic, Old World presence in much of her work. Although her work includes Judaic imagery, the body of her work encompasses far more than ethnic Jewish subject matter. Because much of her work tells a story, her work has been widely published in book jackets, magazines and children’s book illustrations,notably Why on this Night?, The Way Meat Loves Salt, and In the Month of Kislev.

Louise August has refined the lino-block print. She applies oil paint to her carved plate, varying the color placement with each print so that no two are ever the same. Using a printing press, the color is transferred to a black ground, which results in a thin film of colored oil paint that seems to float with an iridescent shimmer. She devotes great attention to the negative space in her compositions (the skies, the otherwise empty spaces) as well as to the expressive faces and bodies of her figures.

Works by Louise August are in numerous private and public collections throughout the United Stated and abroad.

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