Lika Tov

  Many works by Lika Tov are inspired by the Dead Sea Scrolls.  the piece to the left, Judean Desert Pastorale contains  images of bits of scrolls, also shaped like sheep, and  with ancient Hebrew scroll text.
  This piece, wine for the Bride in Caca, shows how Lika Tov often created forms withing forms by layering.
Artist Lika Tov in her studioCollagraphs by Lika Tov are known world-wide for their delicate beauty, rich color, subjects steeped in Biblical tradition...and here and there...playful whimsy. These handmade prints are intricate, and invite discovery time and time again. Elements are cleverly embedded in the design so that whenever you look at it, you may see something new. Made personally by the artist, these works are done in very small editions; no two in a series are exactly alike.

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