Ken Frye


Ken Frye's paintings of Cape May, NJ landmarks are among his best known work.


 His serene and gentle  paintings of rural places set a restful, calming ambience..


 Ken Frye's images transport you to idyllic places where you may have been, or where you might yet go.

Watercolors by Ken Frye, Classic Realism

Watercolorist Ken Frye applies careful attention to detail, superb composition and exacting technique to create works of a classsic realist.  He is especially well known for his architectural subjects.  In addition to painting landmarks in and around our nation's capital, he has also been a prominent artist of the Victorian resort, Cape May, NJ for over 30 years. More recently, his gentle paintings of rural America have gained popularity as well. 

We also carry a selection of Ken's Frye's affordable open edition prints, including landmarks of Washington, DC, Georgetown, and Cape May.

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