Joseph Borg


Etchings by Joseph Borg

These contemporary works  feature music and motion.  The compositions are complex, inviting the viewer to discern new meaning with every glance. In the piece shown, right, notice the subtle guitar shape in the lower right, the five lines as a staff above, the two bright yellow whole notes in the bottom left.

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Monoprints and Embossments by Joseph Borg

These vibrant, playful pieces often include embossment all around the monoprint, or  on the bottom.
In some of his pieces, he adds collaged sheet music, or hand applied pastel or paint.  These lively works are masterfully executed and hand pulled by the artist.
At right, a close up example of the embossment.

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Canvases by Joseph Borg

His brilliant canvases are replete with exuberant color, forms and paint in motion. Available in oversized works for a commanding presence in large spaces, as well as smaller 14" or 20" squares, delightful accents and great in a series, stacked, or lining a long wall.
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Joseph Borg first gained prominence as an artist / printmaker.  His monoprints, embossments and etchings, often involving musical elements, were introduced to enthusiastic response in the United States, Europe, and the Far East during the 1980s. He became accomplished in this demanding medium by studying under master printmakers in Malta where he spent his youth. Working in New York, a professional artist since his 20s, Joseph Borg reveled in the challenges and rewards of the etching, a celebration of contrast. He soon expanded into unbridled color via the monoprint, and used embossment to add dimension.

In the 1990s, his work exploded onto canvas.  Unconfined by the size of a metal plate, Borg’s canvases are drenched in glorious color.
Energetic brush strokes convey excitement and adventurousness. His work is interactive in that the viewer derives forms from among the shapes in the painting. Thus, the experience of Borg’s work can change from viewer to viewer, and from time to time as we discover new elements. 

    His prolific series of miniprints, 5 inch square limited edition collages, are embossed digital prints. These low cost minis have brought his work within the reach of countless new collectors, and are also enjoyed in business settings.  

     He says, “The common thread underlying all of the work is discovery and the development of artistic language.” Yet, another unifying theme to his work is pure Play: exuberant, joyful play and endless exploration of color, form, and movement. 

Like visual jazz, art by Joseph Borg is intellectually stimulating and emotionally satisfying. 

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