Elaine Simel

Tapestry of Leaves

Apples and Butterflies

Few artistic media are as demanding as printmaking, and the etching is by far the most exacting. Elaine Simel is widely recognized as one of today's masters of this medium.  Her flawlessly drawn compositions are dramatic in scale and lavish detail. A specialist in the floral still life, Elaine Simel translates the delicate beauty of her botanical subjects into compositions that delight us for their gracefulness, refinement, and complexity.

Elaine Simel  knew from age  five that she would be an artist.

Today, her intricate and lavish botanical etchings grace numerous corporate, government, museum, and private collections throughout the United States and abroad.  

Her work features extraordinary detail and grace, total mastery of the demanding etching process as well as refined design elements.

Currently  residing and working in New York, Simel received her fine art education  beginning in the High School of Music and Art in New York City, with college studies at Black Mountain  College, NC and Syracuse University. A member of numerous elite art organizations, Simel's work has been widely exhibited and is available at galleries nationwide. Her commercial work has included china designs for Dansk.

Images by Elaine Simel are available exclusively in her original etchings.

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