Dan Hines


Dan Hines' remarkable ability to convey the essence of a place shines through in every one of his compositions.

Top left, Weymouth Furnace
Top right, Summer Splendor Lower left, Betsy Ross House, Philadelphia. 

Dan Hines created contemporary paintings that are the epitome of wet technique watercolor.  Hines' work is distinguished by lively, masterful use of color in landscapes and marine scenes for every season. Saturated color and expert layering and composition convey dreamy places for us to linger. He studied under internationally known painter Dominic DeStefanou, whose influence is evident especially in Hines' earlier work. Dan Hines’ prior career experience in commercial art and signage developed his ability to convey striking visual information in a simple, clear form. While much of his art depicts rural and coastal New Jersey and historic landmarks in Philadelphia, he also painted places from his travels in New England and elsewhere in the United States.

Dan Hines passed away in February, 2011.  We miss him very much.

We have a limited number of his oroginal paintings available.  Please visit our Online Gallery to see them and to order. 
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