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Please enjoy this video, entitled "One Person" .

To view or download Emmie's Artist Statement in pdf format, please USE THIS LINK.

Ready for the BIG PICTURE?
Snce Emmie Derise began her ArtFull Moments Messages project in August, 2008, thousands through the United States and around the world have discovered this gentle wisdom and lavish images that resound with so many of us.  The fine art quality images are in corporate and individual collections  throughout the United States.  Now introducing ArtFull Moments Messages Posters, 16" x 20" images and the text, each one hand initialed by Emmie. No longer contained by your computer or iPad screen, these posters will delight you every day at home, at work, or in your business.
.Priced right at $24.85 plus $2.50 for shipping and handling.

ArtFull Moments MESSAGES
  created by Emmie Derise

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ArtFull Moments Fine Photography by Emmie Derise features high resolution digital printing with UV resistant ink  on Acid free materials. Large images include UV laminate.  These works are as durable as they are magnificent.  There are hundreds of images available.  Below is a special selection.  There are new images all the time.  IF you see one on the blog or on our Facebook page you would love to own, contact Emmie for a quote. Available with or without the written ArtFull Moments Message.
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