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We bring art into this world to delight, uplift, support, and nourish our clients everywhere!
Since we were started in Philadelphia, PA in 1992 as Emmie Galleries, we have brought affordable fine art into the world. We especially love to bring art into business settings where  clients, employees, and the public will be is.  Well-chosen art conveys good taste, refinement, and prosperity. Art does not just hang there.  Art is active.  It excites, soothes, entertains, uplifts and engages its viewers.


We seek anyone who has an open heart, an open mind, and a sense of adventure. We excel at helping individuals and businesses to discover artwork they love, that meets both their design goals and budget.  We simplify the selection process by first of all listening to your preferences and observing your tastes.  We cater to busy people by showing only artwork that is a good fit for the project,.  We bring art and framing presentations out to your location so you can be confident of your selections.


Art is one way that wisdom, healing, and love comes into the world.   Art affirms life, and art supports living.  Art is the final finish that brings the full spectrum of color and vitality into any space.  And ArtFull life is a FruitFull life !


Experience. Patience. Respect. Commitment Only you know what you like, what makes you happy, and what you want. We take the time to understand your priorities. Then we help you to discover new art you will also love: maybe adding to a collection, or selecting complementary work by a new artist.  Choosing art for home or business should be fun and exciting.  We can make it so.

Emmie Derise brought Emmie Galleries to Arizona in 2005, and changed the name to Estrella Fine Art.  In Mid-October, 2010, she opened a new location in the Airpark Design district of North Scottsdale.
Emmie has served corporate and residential clients since 1992,

Meanwhile, she began the ArtFull Moments Project in August, 2007, in response to widespread fear at the onset of the depression (call it what is is, folks). She began by creating emails containing her photography, graphic design and writing, and sending them to clients and friends.  The subscriber list has grown, as have ArtFull Moments followings on Facebook and Linked In.  Little did she know when she began that this effort would lead to more than 150 ArtFull Moment Messages, a body of work that has a mission to fulfill as we all move forward together.

Gentle Readers:  It has again become necessary to close our commercial location and to move Estrella Fine Art and ArtFull Moments Messages back into my home.  We are eager to serve you, as ever. Please make your selections from our Online Gallery with confidence.  We count on your purchases to make it possible for us to continue on our visual mission.
 Emmie July 27, 2011
People Say Such Nice Things About ArtFull Moments:
  ArtFull Moments "Take me to the layers of harmony that transcent the daily grind and inspires, reassures, and expands me."
Debra, an artist and spiritual leader from Littleton, CO
  "Emmie chooses the word that comes to my mind first.  she is in synch."
Lika, an artist in Jerusalem
  "There is something about the color and design choices that Emmie uses that work together to delight the eyes.  Emmie is an artist in every sense of the word." Ann, a commercial printer from Scottsdale, AZ
"Emmie's ArtFull Moments speak directly to my heart.  The beautiful images and uplifting words, when put together, make a wholeness that is greater than the sum of the parts. ArtFull Moments are a generous gift to the world. " Betty, an educator in Saranac Lake, NY
  "That photo rocks!"
Ginger, in Payson, AZ

"Fantastic shot, Emmie...so peaceful, I hear ducks. Sent it out on my Twitter feed." Michael, a publisher in Payson, AZ
"You have an amazing eye...thanks for sharing." Virginia in Scottsdale 

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